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Located in Woodbridge, Ontario, Trim Depot specialises in the wholesale of trim, mouldings, doors, flexible mouldings, sheet goods, and other products for interior decor for the trade and residential markets. The company began its operations with the distribution of its premium MDF trim and mouldings; which are manufactured in the U.S. & Canada to the highest quality standards. 

Trim Depot also offers customers a broad selection of hardwood mouldings and trim, door hardware, columns, medallions, corbels, and other items for interior decor. Through our strong partnerships, we are now proud to be a one-stop shop for our customers. 

Throughout the years, we have built a reputation for our unparalleled customer service. Our devotion to ensuring the satisfaction of our customers is unmatched. We encourage all builders, contractors and carpenters to open an account with us to begin working together in fulfilling your customers' and business' needs. 

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