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The Trim  Depot Difference

At Trim Depot, we specialise in wholesaling building materials for interior decor. The company began its operations with the distribution of its premium MDF mouldings and trims; which are primarily manufactured in the United States & Canada to the highest quality standards. They are produced with a premium MDF sheet than what is typically sold in the market and are primed with a resilient, white primer to ensure a clean and smooth finish. Our MDF also keeps shrinkage to a minimal; limiting the need to touch up the product once it`s installed, painted and caulked.  

Aside from mouldings and trims, Trim Depot also offers customers a broad selection of flexible trims and mouldings, doors, door hardware, columns, medallions, corbels, and other miscellaneous items for interior decor. Through our strong partnerships, we are now able to offer our customers a one-stop shop for all their interior decorating needs.  

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